Electronic Document Management

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EDM – Optimizing Your Workflow

Smarter Document Management

You’ve searched for a solution to managing company documents and records. The issues and priorities are controlling expenses, security, and—let’s face it—space & organization. The risk of an audit or loss of data has you losing sleep. Your goal: to manage documents seamlessly. Our goal: providing streamlined access of your data, and your documents, efficiently and economically. From paper to digital documents to sticky notes, your records will be completely accessible and visible on demand.

Electronic Data Solutions 

At Records Solutions we can do much more with a digital scan of a document than you can do with an actual paper document. Much more.


Increase efficiency by having all the right documents accessible at any access point you choose from offices, to work stations, to the warehouse, to the cloud – any and every place you need them. Efficiently capture and organize any digital documents including common business formats such as Word documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, parts lists, architectural drawings, brochures, resumes, invoices, illustrations, and more. Electronic document management means files are kept confidential, yet accessible to those who need them, anywhere, any time. Instead of cumbersome searching, you can find them quickly with an organized electronic document management system tailored for your business needs.


Our powerful indexing features automatically ensure all your document types are stored in the proper folders. Programmed automation moves documents with speed, and with a structured authorization process. Security and controls keep your business organized, and your productivity maximized, in ways of which you have only dreamed. Let Record Solutions create your customized electronic document system; you can successfully report to your team that you have found an efficient, reliable solution. Your goal, not just hit it but hit it out of the park!

Automated Records Managment

Workflow & Archiving: Features designed to save time and costly resources typically allocated to manual record updating: Our robust and versatile document management software, by Docuphase, provides flexible automated elements including varied search parameters, controlled document distribution and cataloging as well as automatic indexing. We utilize software systems that offer state-of-the-art encryption and that integrate with popular business software, including Microsoft and other applications.

Information Access and Control

Our systems provide customized access control, so you decide who will have access to sensitive information, how it may be accessed, and who is allowed to make changes versus, “read only” permission. Tiered permission levels can be assigned to supervisors or executives in your organization.

More Efficient, Flexible

Synchronizing human resources and document access with EDM will improve efficiency and productivity as well as offer strict, protected control of data. Secure and versatile electronic document systems are designed for your unique needs. Please contact us today to set a time to meet to explore your specific needs. Let us propose a system designed for you.


Revolutionize the way your company manages time and resources and get your focus back where your team wants it…on your customers.