High Speed Document Scanning

high speed scanning

Document Imaging and Conversion

“In the Nick of Time”

Next week’s teleconference has been on the calendar for months. You are making the big presentation to a conference of influential members of the company. You have researched and prepared for weeks; gathering data, crafting your message and creating a comprehensive computer presentation. You’ve been eagerly waiting for this moment in your career. You will be center stage. Then you get a last minute request to add new content to the proposal. All you have are dozens of documents and photos— and not enough time to get them digitized for your presentation.


A call to Record Solutions lets you know you can do this. Our early opening time is perfect! You can drop by with everything you need scanned and we’ll take care of the rest. By the next day, or sooner, you have electronic files in exactly the format you need. This makes light work of finding the pertinent text and placing graphics into your impressive presentation.

Document Scanning & Conversion

Record Solutions is equipped with high-speed, high-volume platform scanners, and we support ongoing scanning projects so as you generate paper records & documents you can let us manage conversion to electronic data formats. We can process thousands of documents in an hour; scanning two-sided documents in a single pass. We also utilize flat-plate scanners for rare & fragile documents, heavy paper, and over-sized items & books.


From healthcare to insurance to realtors, to retail and manufacturing; and municipal & government agencies we offer custom services designed to:
– Increase efficiency and productivity of your in-house staff.
– Convert crowed file storage space into more functional, profit generating space.
– Offer convenience with pick-up services and secure delivery of electronic data.
– Back up your paper records with permanent digital scans.
– Enable easy data transfer, manageable indexing, and archiving.
– Integrate with our Electronic Document Management services.
– Convert documents to searchable content with OCR, (Optical Character Recognition).
– Let’s you find exactly what you want with the touch of a button.

High Volume Scanning

At Records Solutions our high speed document scanning services not only reduces paper storage and overhead costs, but indexes your documents for improved electronic data management. With our document scanning and indexing services, your boxes of folders become searchable electronic documents, saving you time and money. Once scanned, our electronic document management, (EDM), offers a resource-saving tool to manage even copious amounts of documents.

Flat-Plate Scanning

As each item is handled individually, care is taken to make each scan just right. This is an excellent tool for business clients and home owners. Perfect for items that can’t be put through an automatic document feeder.

Ideal for: Delicate, fragile or damaged documents, thick or stiff paper stock, antique family photos or tin-plates, books & magazines – no shadow at the binding, oversize documents, maps, or charts, and old letters or stationery.

Scanning and EDM Services

With our high speed document scanning and indexing services, your boxes of papers become searchable electronic documents, saving you time and resources- both human and financial. Data may be saved to DVD, flash drive, portable hard drive, or simply emailed to you. We will provide any of these storage devices or bring in your own. Let Records Solutions integrate your scanned records, documents and images with a customized EDM system for secure control and optimal organization for your business. Call us at 207.942.4545 to learn how we can create organized electronic management of all your documents.