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Streamline with Document Management

An internal audit just got scheduled and you are responsible for the document preparation for the team. The only problem is that, with the limited storage space and human resource availability, boxes and boxes of records and files are crowded into the basement—along with a host of other stuff. Frankly it’s very disorganized. You feel the pressure; this is not the first time you have struggled with document retrieval. Why not let this be the absolute last time you need worry about a safe, organized system for storing your documents? Choose Records Solutions offsite records & document storage and you’ll be streamlined and organized with your documents, this time for good.

We offer offsite, full-service, document storage and management preferred by a variety of businesses, government offices and nonprofits who want to streamline their operations and protect critical documents.

Choose Offsite Document Management

Record Solutions is the trusted answer to document storage. Choose the records you want to store offsite and we will collect them from your location, transport them to our secure storage facility and catalog them for archiving. We can return them to you whenever you want or you can visit our facility whenever you need to access records.

Offsite Records Management = Security

Security? We’ve got this. Your vital information is kept in a protected, secure, climate stable environment. Our facility is monitored and secured against intrusion, theft, rodent problems, fire, and environmental degradation.
Our facility is ideal for: legal, medical, real estate, insurance agencies, general businesses, personal and household customers— for anyone that has documents or valuable information they want to protect.
Medical Records – Medical practices have unique needs when it comes to medical records storage. HIPAA-compliant access to patients’ records is vital.
We can offer solutions that supports the circle of custody for all of a record’s life cycle.
Closing a practice – Your practice and/or physicians are responsible for the disposition of medical records. We can help you manage the secure storage for any records. Read about Maine Medical Association Guidlines for Closing a Practice


Document Storage Process

Offsite Document & Records Storage – We arrange to pick up your records; once loaded we lock and secure our transport vehicle. At our storage facility we scan and barcode documents for accurate location tracking. Once stored your records are safe and readily available whenever you want access to them.

Access Your Information: your pre-authorized staff may contact us. The records you wish to access are retrieved by our staff.
Delivery – We provide convenient twice-daily deliveries to the Bangor area, free of charge. You can keep your staff in your office saving travel time and weather inconveniences.
On-Site Access– We can arrange complimentary, document access for you in a private viewing room here at our facility; it’s well lit, quiet and comfortable, and has secure internet access.

Records Storage is Cost Effective

Records Solutions document storage solutions are more affordable than you might think. Additional savings comes from increased productivity and efficiency at your business. Our facility is far superior to self-storage units, attics or basements. We take environmental hazards, unauthorized access and other worries completely out of the equation. Your records are absolutely vital; Self storage units, sheds and garages are only as secure as the weakest link, usually just a small padlock. They usually have zero environmental or pest controls, not a good solution for the prudent business manager.

Peace of mind – your information is safe, secure and accessible to you.
Security – Records Solutions is all monitored and protected against intrusion. And hard copy document storage, (unlike Cloud based storage), CANNOT be hacked.
Confidential – Our well-trained staff are bound by comprehensive confidentiality agreements.
Records Boxes – Barcoded and randomly located throughout the racking systems. This is done to achieve anonymity of your records boxes.
Disaster protection – Your records are irreplaceable; a fire, flood or other calamity could devastate your business overnight.
Efficiency – We care for your records, leaving you to focus on managing your business.
Custom document storage – For more than a decade Records Solutions has perfected our unique system. We’ll meet to assess your individual needs, then create a solution tailored to fit your business perfectly.
Flexible Reporting – We can generate many different reports and design systems for you: Inventory tracking, indexing of files, schedule destruction dates, customized sub accounts for HR, finance, administration and more.

Call us today to explore how we can get your documents organized, indexed and safely stored: 207.942.4545

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Records Solutions for the last four years and they have always provided excellent customer service and support. They provide a very secure, organized management system at an affordable cost. And when we require medical information we have stored with them, we receive it in a very timely manner.

– Sheri Conley, RHIT, CPC Director, Medical Information Services



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